Storage Tips

  1. Consider temperature-controlled storage for wood furniture and other items that are sensitive to moisture.
  2. Store items you will access frequently closest to the door.
  3. Leave an aisle through your unit if you will be accessing your belongings frequently.
  4. Store clothing, drapes and fabrics on non-rusting hangers.
  5. Label all boxes clearly and keep a list of all items in storage.

What not to store…

Some items cannot be stored by Monster Storage because they are hazardous. These items include flammable items (paint, varnish, paint thinner, kerosene, oil, gasoline, etc.), corrosives, explosives, matches, lighters, fireworks, furniture polish and other items deemed toxic or dangerous by state and federal law.

For your personal protection and safety, we recommend that you do not store the following items: personal documents, cash, jewelry, securities, furs, art, family photos, deeds, wills and other valuable personal items.


At Monster Storage we offer a variety of different storage spaces to fit our customers’ needs. All storage spaces have at least 9 ft. ceilings. We now offer new temperature-controlled, heated storage in many sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Actually our hallways are 5 feet wide, which is 2 feet wider than the average house hallways. This means you’ll have plenty of room to move around. We also have four wheel push carts that are available on each level and are free for your use.

No we are actually built directly into the mountainside so you can just drive right up to each level as if it was ground level. No elevators or stairs to worry about.

Credit cards, check, cash, online payment and the most popular is a simple form for automatic payment.