Moving Supplies

We have a full line of locks, as well as moving and packing supplies – High quality at a low cost.
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DescriptionDimensionsCubic FeetPrice
Book Box12X12X121$x.xx
Small Box16 3/8 X 12 5/8 X 12 5/81.5$x.xx
Medium Box18 X 18 X 163$x.xx
Large Box18 X 18 X 244.5$x.xx
Extra Large Box24 X 18 X 246$x.xx
Tall Box12 X 12 X 50$x.xx
Dish Saver / Glass Pack24 X 12 X 11$x.xx
Electronics Box20 X 20 X 12$x.xx
TV 19″24 X 24 X20$x.xx Heavy Duty
TV 27″24 X 24 X 27$x.xx Heavy Duty
Dish Barrel Box18 X 18 X 28$x.xx Heavy Duty
Sport Utility15 X 15 X 48$x.xx
Lamp Box12 X 12 X 40$x.xx
Laydown Wardrobe36 X 21 X 10$x.xx
Space Saver Wardrobe21 X 18 X 46$x.xx Heavy Duty with metal bar for hangers
Shorty Wardrobe24 X 20 X 34$x.xx Heavy Duty with metal bar for hangers
Grand Wardrobe24 X 21 X 48$x.xx Heavy Duty with metal bar for hangers
Medium Mirror Box37 X 4 X 27$x.xx Heavy Duty
Large Mirror Box48 1/4 X 4 5/16 X 33$x.xx Heavy Duty

Packing Materials


Dish Saver Kit fits inside dish / glass box $x.xx Price includes box
Fits an 8 piece setting. 8 large plates, saucers, bowls, 8 plates, salad, saucers, bowls Superior protection for your fine dishwares

Glass Pack Kit fits inside dish/ glass box $x.xx Price includes box
Fits up to 18 Glasses Superior protection for your fine glasswares

Cushion Foam 40 Sq. Ft. $x.xx
Clean, Spongy, Pliable, Low Cost

Foam pouches 8X10, 9X12, 12X12 $x.xx – $x.xx

Peanut Pack 1.5 Cubic Feet $x.xx

Wrapping Paper 140 sheets per box $x.xx
Clean white newsprint paper – Goes a long way.

Stretch Wrap – Clings to itself

5″5″ X 1000 Feet$x.xx
10″10″ X 1000 Feet$x.xx
15″15″ X 1000 Feet$x.xx
20″20″ X 1000 Feet$x.xx

Moving Pads and Blankets

Paper Pads48″ X 72″3 per package$x.xx
Furniture Pads68 X 85 Blanket$x.xx
Quilted Furniture Blankets72 X 80 Blanket$x.xx

Protective Covers

Mattress bagsTwin, Full, Queen, King$x.xx – $x.xx
Chair cover/bag$x.xx
Sofa cover / bag$x.xx
Love seat cover / bag$x.xx
Dust Cover$x.xx

Bubble Wrap

Small Bubble Roll15 Feet$x.xx
Large Bubble Roll10 Feet$x.xx
Small Bubble Box150 Feet$x.xx
Large Bubble Box100 Feet$x.xx

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