We have a full line of locks, as well as moving and packing supplies – High quality at a low cost. Come check us out!

Packing Materials

Boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including extra sturdy boxes for TV’s and wardrobes

Bubble Wrap

Cushion Foam 40 Sq. Ft. clean, spongy, pliable, low cost

Dish Saver Kit fits inside dish/glass box for an 8 piece setting; large plates, saucers, bowls, salad plates, saucers, bowls

Glass Pack Kit fits inside dish/ glass box for up to 18 glasses and includes box

Mattress Bags for twin, queen and king


Labels & Markers

Peanut Pack 1.5 Cubic Feet

Stretch Wrap – Clings to itself

Tape for all your packing needs

Wrapping Paper 140 sheets per box
Clean white newsprint paper – Goes a long way.

Locks a variety high quality brass, chalet, trailer and combo locks

Ratchet Tie Downs, Twine & Tarps

Utility Knives & Wheel Chock


Looking for something specific? Browser through our detailed list of all our moving and storage supplies.

Box  Lamp 12 x 12 x 40 UH
Box  Large 18 x 18 x 24  UH
Box  Medium  18 x 18 x 16 UH
Box  X- Large 24 x 18 x 24 UH
Box 11x11x5″
Box 12x12x48″
Box 12x12x6″
Box 13x13x6″
Box 14x14x6″
Box 15x15x30″
Box 15x15x48″
Box 15x15x6″
Box 20x20x8″
Box 22x22x8″
Box 24x13x31 Suitcase
Box 24x24x8″
Box 26x26x8″
Box 27TV/Mic4.5 x 24.5x 27.5UH
Box 28x28x8″
Box 30x5x24″ 200lb test
Box 32x32x8
Box 36x24x8″
Box 36×5.5×48″ 275lb test
Box 36x5x30″
Box 36x6x42″ 275lb test
Box 48x8x24″ 275lb test
Box 9x9x4″
Box Book 12x12x12
Box Dish Barrel 18 x 18 x 28UH
Box Electronics  20 x 20 x12UH
Box File 15 x 12 x 10 UH
Box Laptop
Box Mattress Q/K 81x11x40-80
Box Mirror/TV 2pc
Box shipping 14x10x4
Box Small 16x12x12 UH
Box Sport Utility 15x15x48  UH
Box Suit Shipper 22x12x40″
Box Suit Shipper 22x4x40′
Box Suit Shipper 22x8x40″
Box Tablet
Box Tote Letter 24 x12 x12 UH
Box TV Kit
Box Wardrobe 24″x18″x39″
Boxes Moving Kit
Cell Kit UH
Bag Jumbo Utility Chateau
Bags Clothing Bags Suit Size
Bags Clothing Dress Size
Bags Comforter Bags
Bags Parts/Small Items
Bubble wrap 16×10′
Bubble Wrap 24×10 x1/2″
Bubble Wrap 3/16″ 12″X60′ Pack
Bubble Wrap 3/16″-24″x300′
Bubble Wrap 5/16″ 12X30″ Pack.
Bubble Wrap Anti-Static 16″x15
Bubble Wrap Bags 13X13
Bubble Wrap Bags 7.5×11.5
Bubble Wrap Cheat. 12×15′
Bubble Wrap In a Box
Bubble Wrap LG 1/2″-24″X125′
Bubble Wrap Packrite EZ-Wrap
Bubble Wrap Roll lg bub UH
Bubble Wrap Roll sm bub UH
Buble Wrap Bags 9X9
Chair Cover  3-1/2ft. UH
Computer Bag Kit
Cushion Foam
Dish Set Pack Kit
Dust Cover  10 x 20 UH
Foam Pouches 12 X 12  10 pack
Foam Pouches 16 X 18  10 pack
Foam Sheet Roll 250ft
Forearm Forklift
Glass Set Pack Kit
Key Chain LED Light
Kraft Paper 2.5ft x 15ft
Labels Moving UH
LED Button Worklight
Love Seat Cover UH
Markers Double Pack
Markers Single
Mattress Bag “Set” Full Size
Mattress Bag “Set” Twin Size
Mattress Bag Full
Mattress Bag King
Mattress Bag Lg/Tote Heavy
Mattress Bag Queen
Mattress Bag Sm/Tote Heavy
Mattress Bag Twin Qty 2
Tape 6 Value pack Chateau
Tape Clear Packrite sm
Tape Clear Scotch heavy duty
Tape FRAGILE Cheteau
Tape Gun Dispenser W/Tape
Tape Moving Ugly
Tape Packrite Clear SS580
Tape Packrite Tan Packing Tape
Tape Packrite Tan Value size
Tape paper 30 yrds
Tape paper 55 Yd. UH
Tape Premium Packing Cheateau
Tape Tan Packrite
Tape Tan Sm
Rachet Tie Down UH
Ratchet Tie Down 2pk 16′
Ratchet Tie Down 7ft
Rope Poly 1/4″ 50ft
Rope Tie Down 50′
Rope Tie Down UH
Rope Twine Uhaul

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