Are you remodeling? Need extra storage at your home or business? Then let us bring the storage to you!!!


Our friendly staff is always happy to give you a free guided tour of our St. George storage facility and give you advice to help make the best possible decision for you. Schedule your tour today!

Ways to schedule a tour:

  1. Calling us at (435) 628 6667.
  2. Emailing us at monsterstorage@qwestoffice.net.
  3. Filling out our contact form here.


Check out the Reservations section to make sure to reserve your storage unit today.

 Make a Payment

View your payment history, and easily make payments by accessing your account.

 24/7 Security

Monster Storage has recorded surveillance all day, every day to protect all of your belongings.

 Why Monster

With ground level access to each floor, and extra wide hallways, we  have units for any situation.

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